Cancellation information

Important rules and always up-to-date information on cancellation options.

For current events:

Handling of cancellations during the corona pandemic

Of course, we will reimburse you the full travel price without any deductions and regardless of the period before the cancellation before departure. We will reimburse the full travel price on request, completely unbureaucratically.

Please contact us by email:

General rules:

time indicationcosts
Up to 7 days after booking cancel for free
Up to 6 weeks before departure50% cost
Up to 4 weeks before departure75% cost
From 4 weeks before departure100% cost

Procedure if you want to send us a cancellation:

  1. Please write us an email
  2. In the e-mail, please state your offer number (you can find it on the top left of your original offer) so that we can assign your cancellation
  3. We will then get back to you and discuss all the details and how to proceed

The subject of travel cancellation insurance

Good, if you have one, these insurances are no longer very expensive these days, so every traveler should always consider this on ALL trips he / she takes.

Do you have an insurance that covers or partially reimburses your costs in the event of cancellation? Please contact the respective insurance company, because you have to report your resignation there like a loss. You will usually have to fill out a form and then your case will be assessed.

Unfortunately, we cannot contact the insurance company on your behalf. This has a legal background and we ask for your understanding.

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