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Boat rentals and .m. | our services of special quality

Boat rental easily

It is easy to rent safe and wide fishing boats with us. Rental fees of a boat are:

  • € 350,- per week 15 HP
  • € 500,- per week 40+ HP

More about boat rental Ebro Mequinenza

Spanish specialities

Like f. e. Paeilla or other classic dishes are organized for you by our Consierge service. You only bear the cost of the meals yourself. The service is included for you as a guest.

Find some smart restaurant recommendations for Mequinenza here

Nice Fishing Shop

In the city centre you will find excellently equipped fishing shops, where you can buy all the missing parts and accessories.

Go to the details of the fishing shop in Mequinenza.

Fishing License

Where we are talking about it – the fishing shop of course issues all the necessary fishing licenses for Meqinenza and its surroundings. Learn more about Ebro Angel licenses for Mequinenza here.


The qualified guides have many years of experience and are always at their side with regional expertise. If you want, you can make the offer for an additional fee of

  • 250,- to 300,- Euro

with day-to-day care & advice. Details of The Angel-Guiding in Mequinenza.

Fine processing

Our facility offers a place for fish processing directly on the water front in both living areas. Take a look at the virtual tour here (in progress) and experience our facility already now.