Ebro Fishing - Fishing on the Ebro in Spain

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Ebro Fishing - Fishing on the Ebro in Spain

The CampPrices

Ebro Fishing - Fishing on the Ebro in Spain

The CampPrices

Ebro-Fishing: Easy fishing on the Ebro

Imagine a group of professional fishing guides who have extensive knowledge of fishing. Now imagine that this troupe has wanted to create an ideal place for such lovers as you arefor years.

A place where your dreams of the big fish can come true. Of the largest fish you can catch in the waters of the West.

This is our fishing camp – Ebro-Fishing – located directly on the river Ebrokingdom of catfish weighing more than 100 kg .

Our camp is located directly on the Ebro in Mequinenza and is easily accessible via Barcelona Airport. The Riba Roja is also nearby – take a look at the water map at the fishing licenses.

Fishing holidays of a special kind

We help anglers from all over Europe to realize their fishing dreams. Blackfish fishing in the upper reservoir, boat trips to Caspe, catfish fishing in mequinenza and persetah fishing on fat cherries. Start the fishing holiday of your life.

Come on, let’s ;) bite glits … and later fishing at the Ebro


Do you love fishing? So we too here at the Ebro. It is not uncommon for our guests to experience true stellar hours at the bar change. The ice-cold cherries want to slay their prey absolutely safely, as Jakub Vagner shows in his new video. You know how it goes … have fun watching.


In the video of Jakub Vagner you can see how to fish vertically from the boat on catfish in winter at the Ebro… have fun watching.


You fancy sea fishing? :)
You can also have this:)
Not quite 140 km drive is from us the Ebro Delta.

Here you can experience breathtaking drills off the coast of Spain on the Ebro Delta.
First-class fishing in Europe on tuna, palometa, bluefish and more :)))
Watch the video by Jakub Vagner, you have a look as it could work with you :))

PerchZILLA – that shocks really hard!

For your fishing trip a few topics in advance?

… is still under construction … coming soon.

Exclusive apartments

For the high standard, we offer exclusively equipped and individually integrated interior-architectural apartments that invite you to really relax after fishing on the Ebro.

Exclusive pool

The sheltered pool, which can only be used by guests of the exclusive apartment area, meets every requirement for pure relaxation, coupled with ambivalent possibilities of use.

Own jetty with exclusive boats

At the exclusive jetty, it was considered that the integrated bar and the feeder were built from special materials according to individual composition. This also applies to boats in the water.

Standard Apartments

Simple means simple with us. Our standard apartments are fully equipped and leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Standard Pool

The slightly smaller pool between the two apartment buildings is sunny and invites you to a hearty water bomb competition.

Boat walkway with many boats

Wonderful fishing boats with small and large bogs. On each boat an excellent sonar and all safety aspects fully observed.

You should also know that …

Here, every fishing enthusiast who visits us can experience easy access to the catfish’s largest fishing area in Europe. At the Ebro a multi-million large population of this beautiful fish species is waiting for you! More target fish in the Ebro can be found here. You can find our services here.

High the bones

Go for your adventure! See our offer now or choose the appropriate type of accommodation on the Ebro for you.

... of course, because you’re a cool sock ... Angler for angler